Class Schedule & Studio Rental

***We are currently blocking 15 minutes between ALL rentals, please keep this in mind when viewing the rentals calendar below***

Shift is available for rental anytime there is not a regularly scheduled class in session—our studio is ideal for fitness, dance and martial arts classes. If you are seeking dance rehearsal space, a rentable classroom or workshop, or martial arts training facility, we offer an affordable option in the Fremont neighborhood.

The space is a 40×40 square foot studio with a sprung floor and floor-to-ceiling mirrors. There is ample lighting (both natural and artificial), heating, sound system, and a garage door that opens. Please check the studio rental calendar below for availability.

Please email with any questions or to reserve your space!

Note: Proof of liability insurance is required

Rental prices per hour  cash/check credit card
Group classes and other income-generating rentals  $       34.00  $       35.50
Private lessons (1 teacher + up to 2 students)  $       17.00  $       18.00
Rehearsal/self-practice (non-income generating)  $       13.00  $       14.00
Rehearsal (>8 hours/month, paid 1st of month)  $       11.00  $       12.00

Shift Studio Rental


Prime-time rehearsal/practice space
(weekdays from 5:30pm – 9:00pm):
All other times rehearsal/practice space
(monthly discounts available):
Classes or other income generating rentals: $33/hr*
* Additional fees may apply if events will have over 20 attendees.