Koo’s Style Tai Chi 

  • TUESDAYS     6:00 – 7:00pm, form work, continuing, open to new students
  • THURSDAYS 3:30 – 4:30pm, *Beginning Tai Chi Foundations open to new students
    •                 6:30 – 7:30pm, Tai Chi Sword, instructor permission req’d
  • FRIDAYS   5:00 – 6:00pm, Advanced Tai Chi, not open to new students

 *This class is open to all levels. This class will focus on the basics of Tai Chi,  including balance, alignment, posture, stances, structural integrity, Qigong and Tai chi principles and single techniques.

Tai Chi Weapons:

  • THURSDAYS 6:30 – 7:30pm

This class is only open to current tai chi students by permission of the instructor.  Students will learn the tai chi fan, and tai chi sword forms.

The History of Koo’s Tai Chi

Koo’s Tai Chi was created by the famous martial artist “Iron Palm” Koo Yu Cheung. Koo Yu Cheung was a native of Jiangsu, China. He was one of the most famous kung fu masters of our time and was especially renown for his Iron Palm skills. His Father, Koo Lei Chi, was a Master of the Tam Tui (Springy Leg) style of Kung Fu. He operated an armed escort service at Zhangjiang and because of his kung fu expertise, his services were always in demand. Master Koo began his journey into the martial arts world by first studying under his father, in the Tam Tui Boxing style. When his father became ill, he requested Koo Yu Cheung to study Northern Shao Lin Kung Fu style with Yim Kai Wan of Shan Dong. He learned Shao Lin Fist and Iron Palm from Master Yim. Later he learned Tai Chi Fist and Tai Yuet Sword from General Lee Jin Lian.

Koo Yu Cheung combined the Tai Chi theories and techniques with the Northern Shao Lin combat postures to create his own unique Tai Chi Fist. In 1928 Master Koo obtained excellent results in the First National Martial Arts Examination. After that he came to Guan Dong and became the instructor of Guangzhou and Guangxi Martial Arts Institute, and was hired by the army to instruct Kung Fu to the soldiers.

Then he set up the Chinese Fitness Association in Hong Kong with some friends for the promotion of traditional martial arts. In 1950, Master Lung was hired by the Kowloon Chamber of Commerce as a coach and thus began his promotion of Koo’s Tai Chi in Hong Kong. Master Lung Kai Ming, eldest son of Master Lung Chi Cheung takes up the mission of his father. In 1974 he assisted the government in organizing the “Morning Tai Chi Classes”. He was also responsible for establishing the Northern Shao Lin Lung Chi Cheung Martial Arts Association. Cheung Sifu is also a member of this organization and is a registered instructor of the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department where he teaches Tai Chi and Tai Chi Sword classes.


Michele Miller

instructor of dance, kung-fu & pilates

Michele has been studying Koo's Style Tai Chi with Cheung Sifu since 2004. After several months of personal training with Cheung SIfu, in 2005 she was the Women's Junior Division Grand Champion in Tai Chi at the Hong Kong Martial Arts Association.

206.940.0216 | kungfufish@mac.com

Heather Coyle  LAc

licensed acupuncturist, certified in sports medicine acupuncture

Heather has been studying Koos Tai Chi with Cheung Sifu and Michele since 2005. She has been studying various martial arts since 1994. She received her first degree black belt in Chung Moo Doe in 1996 and in Kajukenbo in 2009.

206.947.1766 | halfmoonacu@mac.com