Halfmoon acupuncture & pilates

Our practice is focused on exploring the work we can do with the combination of the physical movement and awareness of pilates with the energy movement of acupuncture. We work with you one on one to correct negative physical and energy movement patterns to free yourself into positive transformation.

We have found this combination of acupuncture and pilates together to be a powerful means to deep change in the body that can happen much more quickly than either one alone. Acupuncture can release painful, negative holding patterns, allowing the body the opportunity to create new, healthier patterns. By following an acupuncture session with pilates, you can begin the re-education of the muscles when they are in a very receptive state. Releasing your holding patterns allows your body to move in a more connected, intelligent way, creating new muscle memory.

We now have massage at Halfmoon Acupuncture & Pilates!

All sessions are by appointment only. See the contact information below to schedule an appointment.

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Heather Coyle  LAc, CSMA

licensed acupuncturist,
certified in sports medicine acupuncture

Founder of Shift & Halfmoon

206.947.1766 | halfmoonacu@mac.com

Michele Miller

instructor of dance, kung-fu & pilates

Founder of Shift & Halfmoon

206.940.0216 | halfmoonpilates@mac.com