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Koo’s Style Tai Chi

Koo’s Tai Chi was created by the famous martial artist “Iron Palm” Koo Yu Cheung. Koo Yu Cheung was a native of Jiangsu, China. He was one of the most famous kung fu masters of our time and was especially renown for his Iron Palm skills. His Father, Koo Lei Chi, was a Master of the Tam Tui (Springy Leg) style of Kung Fu. He operated an armed escort service at Zhangjiang and because of his kung fu expertise, his services were always in demand… Learn More »

 Hybrid Movement Practice is a movement company synthesizing gymnastics strength training, martial arts, dance and parkour-with the goal of developing you into a better mover and adaptable human. Class covers: joint mobility/preparations for practice, handbalancing, groundwork, mobility drills, organic strength, martial/circus arts inspired games.