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Want to learn more about Shift? Shift is Seattle’s premier center for movement & healing arts. Founded in 2010, Shift advances personal health and development by inspiring healthy practices and positive action. At Shift our students learn how to transform and heal their bodies with an invested commitment to optimal well being.

We offer daily classes, a diverse range of instructors, and rental capabilities. The instructors at Shift are passionate about supporting sustained health as you age. Shift is a place where people of all ages can embrace healthy life practices and thrive by positive action.

Shift is currently offering acupuncture, sports medicine-based acupuncture, massage and classes in pilates, tai chi, martial arts  and dance.

Shift is Seattle’s premier center dedicated to movement & healing arts. Every day we:
• Support and advance individuals with group classes focused on personal and physical development.
• Provide quality education to the community about human movement and different forms of movement therapy.
• Provide access to alternative therapies such as acupuncture, massage, tai chi and pilates.
• Advocate for movement and healing arts as an essential component to individual health and ones perceived sense of wellness.

Our vision is to be a beacon for healthy living, and to be a community-centered hub where individuals foster personal growth with movement. Shift envisions a city where people age gracefully, live healthier lives, and everyone is valued for their contributions to culture and society.

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